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Prince Harry can be 'too much army' at Warrior Games – and not embarass anyone (+video)

Britain's Prince Harry lent his considerable clout to the Warrior Games, a four-year-old international sports competition for wounded veterans. He hopes it could be as big as the Paralympics one day.

Prince Harry at the Warrior Games' Opening Ceremony
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There's nothing like a ginger-haired bad boy prince to bring a little buzz.

The fourth Warrior Games opened in Colorado Saturday, and the appearance of Britain's Prince Harry made sure the paparazzi came along. The third in line to the British throne joked with Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin at the opening ceremonies, he charmed state officials at formal gatherings, and he even played an exhibition round of sitting volleyball with British troops – with American Olympic champion Misty May-Treanor on the other side of the net.

Not a bad day's work for the house of Mountbatten-Windsor – particularly as Queen Elizabeth pulls back from public events and leaves more of the royal duties to her son and grandsons. At least there were no pictures of the prince cavorting naked with women, as there were the last time he came to the US.


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