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Afghan bomber attacks near major US base near Pakistan border, killing 4

NATO forces and foreign civilians have been increasingly attacked by rogue Afghan military and police, eroding trust between the allies.


An Afghan policeman stands guard at the back of a police vehicle following a suicide attack near the gate of a U. military base in Khost, south of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday.

Nishanuddin Khan/AP

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A vehicle driven by a suicide bomber exploded at the gate of a major US military base in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing the attacker and three Afghans, Afghan police said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

Police Gen. Abdul Qayum Baqizai said a local guard who questioned the vehicle driver at the gate of Camp Chapman was killed along with two civilians and the assailant. The camp is located adjacent to the airport of the capital of Khost Province, which borders Pakistan.

Chapman and nearby Camp Salerno had been frequently targeted by militants in the past, but violent incidents have decreased considerably in recent months.


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