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Steve Jobs widow: How is Laurene Powell Jobs spending her wealth? (+video)

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(Read caption) Steve Jobs widow, Laurane Powell Jobs, on immigration reform
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For most of her 20-year marriage to Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs was content to be a behind-the-scenes philanthropist.

But a desire to change US immigration laws is bringing her into the media spotlight - albeit in a carefully managed way. 

Ms. Powell Jobs has a net worth of about $11.5 billion, according to Bloomberg. Her husband, the Apple co-founder, wasn't a big philanthropist. And before his death, he did not join the "Giving Pledge," the organization started by Warren E. Buffett and Bill Gates to encourage the world's wealthiest to donate at least half their wealth to charity. The site lists 114 people who have taken the pledge. Powell Jobs has not signed either.

But she has been a quiet donor of her time and money to many causes, especially to education.


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