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By the same sun warmed

The lump of litter lying in my path moved slowly back at my step to rejoin the blackened heaps of dirt/sodden papers along a wire fence that edged the city sidewalk. I passed quickly by - tight with disgust. A few yards on I paused at my bus stop and then looked back. The wretched lump had again crept out to warm itself in the early morning sun. Buttoning up more closely against the wind's gusty chill I went softly back to have another look. It had no beauty - the form completely vague. Neither eyes nor ears showed against its damp dirtiness. Without the slender tail to reassure me I would have thought myself deceived. Yet, my heart stirred with something close to pity and - dare I say it? - love. I also sought out a patch of sunshine in which to wait and we were together in the same place on the same planet - fellow creatures of expectation of a hope as yet unseen - both by the same sun warmed.