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Exposing Europe's Worst Massacre Since the Holocaust

* Bosnian Serb leaders Gen. Ratko Mladic (left) and Radovan Karadzic have been indicted for war crimes. Mladic was seen near the July massacres of Srebrenica Muslims., EMIL VAS/REUTERS/FILE

* Thousands of Muslims fled the UN 'safe area' of Srebrenica in mid-July after it fell to Bosnian Serbs. Some refugees reached safety (left). Nine survivors told the Monitor of the massacre of thousands of male civilians by Bosnian Serbs in nearby villages, such as Sahanici., AP/FILE

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* A spy photo of mass grave sites was released by the US in August. The US has not released all its evidence. The Monitor used the spy photo information to visit grave sites., AP

* A map of the Sahanici grave site illustrates the evidence of the massacre found by the Monitor. About 1,000 Muslims were believed killed at this site alone. Map, Page 7., GRAPHIC BY DAVE HERRING - STAFF

* Found at Sahanici grave: two handkerchiefs, a comb. Also found nearby was a gym used to hold victims that a survivor sketched on a reporter's notebook., THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR