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Internet sitings

What: The Macintosh version, if you will, of the free-computer movement, which began last February with

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The best parts: plans to give away 1 million new iMacs later this month (they haven't yet disclosed the date).

This site is unlike similar ones, whose free computers bombard their new owners with constant banner advertising - whether they're surfing the Web or composing a thesis.

To be on the list of potential iMac owners, simply type in your name, address, and e-mail on the homepage. They'll keep you posted.

What you should know: While there's no free lunch, you do end up with a free $1,000 iMac at the end of the three-year deal.

You will be required to fill out a short demographic profile and apply for and accept a Visa card from (there's no annual fee). Also, you need to buy three years of Internet service from Earthlink Network at $19.95 a month.

How to get there: Use the above address, or link up via our site: (

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