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Worldly riddles

See if you can Identify the homonyms below. The answers to each riddle include either a state, country, city, or its people.

1. To wander round;

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A kind of apple;

A sacred city

of church and chapel.

2. In reindeer land,

a northern man;

A knee-bound place;

the loop you ran.

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3. It's what's the point;

A horse's hair;

A northern state;

A street, not rare.

4. It's what you'd find

in a body shop;

An 'oily' flick;

An ancient stop.

5. To tie a boat;

Or what you want;

A Muslim fellow;

A heathered swamp.

6. A neckline knot;

To hold in place;

Who lives in Asia?

A dead-heat race.


1. roam, Rome, Rome

2. Lapp, lap, lap

3. main, mane, Maine, Main (Main Street is a common name for the principal street of an American town; High Street is its British counterpart. However, elevation had nothing to do with a High Street. When American settlers moved inland closer to the mountains, they called their streets 'high,' too, but because they were hilly, not important.)

4. grease, "Grease" (1978), Greece

5. moor, more, Moor, moor

6. tie, tie, Thai, tie