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Fan fare

Long ago, people learned they could feel cooler on hot days by waving a big leaf or feather through the air to create a breeze. Not long after that, they discovered folded papers and silks had the same effect. VoilĂ , the fan! Each of these expressions contains the word "fan." Can you identify them? (Example: "childish" is inFANtile.)

1. It turns the alternator in an automobile

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2. A Spanish-American dance

3. One of Disney's first full-length animated films

4. Needlework, embroidery, crocheting, and the like

5. New fashion or invention (colloquial)

6. Jack London novel

7. Overzealous

8. Foot soldiers

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9. Girl in Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables"

10. To stir or heat up

11. A showy, but ineffective fellow

12. Semicircular window over a door

13. Federal National Mortgage Association

14. Some pigeons and goldfish

SOURCES: The World Book Encyclopedia, The World Book Dictionary.


(1) fan belt; (2) fandango; (3) "Fantasia" in 1940; (4) fancywork; (5) newfangled; (6) "White Fang"; (7) fanatical; (8) infantry; (9) Fantine; (10) fan the flame; (11) Fancy Dan; (12) fanlight or fan window; (14) Fannie Mae; (14) fantails.