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'How To Be a Woman': 8 of Caitlin Moran's stories

Writer Caitlin Moran examines her life as a woman, from age 13 to the present, in her new book 'How To Be a Woman,' which has already become a hit in the U.K. Here are eight of her stories.

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1. Heartfelt birthday cards

Moran remembers receiving birthday cards from two of her younger sisters, Caz and Ween, on her thirteenth birthday. "Caz gives me her card," she wrote. "It is a picture of me, in which she has drawn my nose so that it takes up approximately three-quarters of my head. 'Remember: you promised you'd move out on your 18th birthday, so I can have your room,' it says inside. 'Only five years to go now! Unless you die before then! Love Caz.' Weena is nine – her card is also based around me moving out and giving her my bedroom: although she has robots saying it, which makes it less personal."


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