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George H. W. Bush in his own words: 10 stories from the updated 'All the Best, George Bush'

America's 41st president was never known for his eloquent prose. That's why "All the Best, George Bush" – a collection of the letters, diary entries, and memos of George H. W. Bush – will be a surprise for some and a delight for others. Writing as a father, son, husband, president, and public servant, Bush displays a humor, wisdom, and humanity that should appeal to readers on both sides of the political aisle. 

Boris Yurchenko/AP
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1. 1942 – in the Navy

Dear Mum and Dad,

The only thing wrong with this place is, they don't realize the average intelligence. They hand out so much crude propaganda here. It is really sickening.... stuff like "Kill the Japs – hate – murder" and a lot of stuff like "you are the cream of the American youth." Some fellows swallow it all.... All the well educated fellows know what they are fighting for – why they are here and don't need to be "brainwashed" into anything....

Much love,

Pop (Bush's nickname)


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