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NASCAR goes green

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Steve Helber/AP

(Read caption) Kevin Harvick does a burnout as he celebrates his win in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Va. If NASCAR goes green, will fans follow suit?

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Does Al Gore watch the Indianapolis 500 race? Millions of people do but do people in Berkeley and Santa Monica? I don't watch the race. The thought of watching other people blow out their tires as they race 500 miles doesn't interest me. But, perhaps I am wrong for being such a snob.

Today, the NY Times reports that NASCAR is going "green". Given that millions of non-greens watch, this is an interesting cultural experiment. There hasn't been convincing research studying the "contagion" effect of environmentalism. As I asked many times, "If Dick Cheney moved to Berkeley, would he become an environmentalist?" Does contact with "the other" change your views?

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