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ReFed video illustrates the problem of food waste

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ReFed, a collaboration of businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and government leaders working to reduce food waste, recently debuted an animated video that visually demonstrates the problem of food waste and the course of action needed to solve it.

The video, The Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20 Percent, highlights how the United States spends nearly US$220 billion a year growing, processing, and transporting more than 60 million tons of food that is never eaten. At the same time, one in seven Americans is at risk of going hungry. It goes on to illustrate the main ways food is wasted in restaurants, grocery stores, farms, and homes, and explains that food waste uses large quantities of natural resources and contributes to climate change.

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The video also reveals 27 of the most cost-effective ways to reduce food waste based on societal economic value, business profit potential, and other non-financial impacts, including water saved and emissions reduced. The video lays out ReFed’s roadmap to reduce food waste by 20 percent through solutions that fall into the categories of prevention, recovery, and recycling.

The video concludes by outlining four paths of action required to reduce food waste: new financing; policy changes; adopting innovations; and consumer and employee education.

Watch the video here.

This story originally appeared on Food Tank.