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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about why the world is safer without nuclear weapons, how the government cannot legislate whom churches marry, why America must change the way it invests, and why tickets for men's basketball games cost more than tickets for women's.



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Churches can't be told by government whom to marry

Regarding the April 6 article, "Gay marriage ruling has Iowans weighing their values": This article states that, "Pastor John Beller...worries that state legislation might one day force him to perform marriages that would otherwise be against the tenets of his church."

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With all due respect, Pastor Beller's fears are unfounded.

No church in America has ever been told by the government that it must perform any marriage ceremony. For example, last I checked, the Roman Catholic Church is still free not to marry divorced persons.

Of course, a little fear-mongering never got in the way of some "Christians" to bear false witness against God's gay and lesbian children.