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Vuvuzelas-free World Cup TV broadcast offered in France

Vuvuzelas-free World Cup TV broadcast is being offered in France by a cable TV channel.

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Vuvuzelas-free TV broadcast is being offered in France. Ghanaian supporters play their Vuvuzelas prior the Group D first round 2010 World Cup football match Serbia vs Ghana on June 13 at Loftus Verfeld stadium in Tshwane/Pretoria.


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A French cable TV channel is offering vuvuzela-free broadcasts for all matches at the World Cup, using frequency-separating technology to block out the trumpets' buzzing drone while letting other sounds come through.

Canal+ TV says the system was first tested on Tuesday. Cyrille Linette, the TV's head of sport, says the sound was "nearly perfect" for when Argentina beat South Korea 4-1 on Thursday.

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The technology, based on splitting frequencies, reduces the vuvuzelas' buzz but allows other crowd noises and commentators' voices to be heard. It is developed by Audionamix, which works on sound effects for the cinema industry.

The company that provides the broadcast feed for the World Cup has doubled its audio filters to reduce the buzz.


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