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Kinect controller for Xbox 360 will cost $150, says Microsoft

Kinect buyers will be set back $150, when the motion-sensing Xbox 360 controllers goes on sale Nov. 4.

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In this photo taken by AP Images for Xbox, actor Rich Sommer plays Kinect on Xbox 360 at the Xbox booth during the E3 2010 conference in Los Angeles June 15.

Vince Bucci/AP Images for Xbox/File

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Microsoft says its Kinect motion-sensing game controller will cost $150 when it goes on sale Nov. 4.

The Kinect system recognizes users' gestures and voices, so you can control on-screen characters in racing, action and sports games simply by speaking or moving your body. It will come packaged with a game, "Kinect Adventures."

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Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it will also start selling an entry-level Xbox 360 game console in August. The $200 unit will have a four-gigabyte hard drive. It's $100 less than the Xbox with much more storage, 250 gigabytes.

The entry-level console, plus Kinect and the game, will also be available as a bundle for $300.


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