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Top 2010 World Cup controversies

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FRENCH MELTDOWN: Regardless of the controversial way France qualified, they came into the World Cup as one of the most talented teams. But Les Bleues dissolved into a bickering pack of prima donnas that embarrassed themselves and their country. Star striker Nicolas Anelka launched an allegedly foul-mouthed tirade at coach Raymond Domenech, who then sent Mr. Anelka packing, which spurred a revolt from the rest of the team. They boycotted a practice in protest and the French Football Federation's (FFF) managing director quit. President Nicolas Sarkozy even intervened, ordering his sports minister to extend her stay in South Africa to try to sort out Les Bleues after squabbling spun out of control during their June 17 match. The French team is seen here, arriving for the training session they refused to participate in on June 20.

PHOTO: Francois Mori/AP

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