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Super Mario Bros.: Four ways to celebrate the 25th birthday

Super Mario Bros. turns 25 today. So, grab your plumber hat, dive down a pipe, and prepare to properly celebrate this silver anniversary. Here are four Super Mario Bros. activities to kick off this birthday bash. Click through the blue arrows to read them all.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show! came out in 1989. The TV show starred Captain Lou Albano (and a cartoon counterpart) as our red-suspendered hero.
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1. Super Mario Bros. without a controller

Yes, Super Mario Bros. is a primarily couch-based franchise. From the NES to the Wii, millions have hung out with their favorite cartoon plumber while staring at the television. But TV time with Mario doesn't always require a controller. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! offers 52 episodes of princess-saving delight. And the entire series is available on Hulu and Netflix (both for rent and streaming.) You can even watch it on your Nintendo Wii – or iPhone for that matter.


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