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Smart watches: The 6 most intriguing high-tech timepieces

With technology going smaller and smarter, the big tech companies are looking to capitalize on a new type of “smart” device: the smart watch. Most of these watches work in connection with a smart phone and offer users a chance to check the time, the weather, and your e-mail, all from your wrist. Want to stay ahead of the trend? Check out these six smart watches to see what could soon be replacing your analog timepiece.

The Pebble smart watch shows the time written out in New York on July 16. The watch functions as an extension of the smart phone, a replacement for the ring signal whenever you get a call, text, e-mail, or calendar reminder.
Anick Jesdanun/AP/File
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1. The Pebble

The Pebble quickly became one of the most trumpeted smart watches. It was funded by a $10.2-million Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Its capability is basic: users can preview text messages, social media notifications, and incoming calls, plus control the music playing on your phone.

Right now, iPhone users can only get notifications for Gmail, text, and phone calls, but Android users can also get a few more app notifications, including calendar and Facebook. Early reviews have said the notifications are still hit-or-miss, sometimes coming in late, sometimes overloading the watch. But anyone can write an app for Pebble, which means the implications for future use are big. Aesthetically, it has a sleek design and light font – stylish in a techie way. Keep your eyes on this timepiece.

Price: $150

Colors: Silver, Red, Black, Orange, Gray


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