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Don't forget the Wallace and Gromit Google doodle!

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(Read caption) Wallace and Gromit share some tea on Google's UK homepage. It's the clay duo's 20th anniversary.

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Here in the States, we're celebrating the 40th birthday of every child's favorite neighborhood, Sesame Street. But across the pond, they get to cherish a second cartoon milestone, the 20th anniversary of Wallace and Gromit.

Today, Google rolled out a different custom logo for several European sites. Their "doodle" for the British, Swiss, and German Google homepages features Wallace and Gromit, in all their clay glory, enjoying a cup of tea.

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(For some reason, French Google got Sesame Street and Irish Google didn't get anything. Leave us a comment if you know why Wallace and Gromit may have not caught on there.)

Twenty years ago today, Nick Park unveiled his claymation masterpiece to the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol, England. The whimsical, 22-minute short "A Grand Day Out" debuted as part of an animation festival. It then aired on the BBC and became a worldwide phenomenon.

Today's Google-doodle double whammy comes after a long line of special days. From cryptic messages about H.G. Wells to the birthday of barcodes, Google has remembered anniversaries that most of us never thought about.

What should the company celebrate next? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Or join the conversation on Twitter.

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