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iPhone 4G: Has Apple sprung another leak?

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(Read caption) The folks at Powerbook Medic claim to have found new photos of the allegedly forthcoming Apple iPhone 4G. But Apple hasn't even confirmed that an iPhone 4G exists.

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Earlier this week, the folks at Boy Genius Report Powerbook Medic posted photos of what they claim is the casing of a brand-new Apple iPhone 4G – the same iPhone 4G that Apple is widely expected to unveil at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference next week. If Powerbook Medic has its info in order, then the photos mark the second leak sprung by Apple this year.

What's going on over there, Mr. Jobs?

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Two months ago, of course, the popular tech site Gizmodo paid $5K for a next-gen Apple iPhone 4G, and proceeded to plaster photos and video of the site all over the Web. It was a rare breach of security for the famously protective Apple, which responded by demanding Gizmodo return the iPhone 4G. Then, California police raided the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

In May, a Vietnamese blog called Taoviet said it had stumbled across an Apple iPhone 4G of its own. That handset, which had the same blocky build as the iPhone 4G obtained by Gizmodo, didn't stir up nearly as much buzz – Apple certainly wasn't instructing the police in Vietnam to dig through a blogger's apartment – but the Taoviet photos were widely viewed as more proof of the forthcoming gadget.

Enter Powerbook Medic. Yesterday, the site posted photos of a chunky, square-ish, whitewashed iPhone 4G – and yes, the handset is almost a perfect match for previous photos of the device. "We’re not quite ready to concede that Apple will actually be unveiling an all-white iPhone next week at WWDC, but the evidence is pretty damning," wrote Michael Bettiol of Boy Genius Report, a popular tech blog.

Not convinced? See for yourself. And then drop us a line in the comments section and let us know what you think.

Editor's note: The original post misstated the name of the site that originally posted the iPhone 4G photos. It is Powerbook Medic, not Boy Genius Report.