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Internet privacy at risk with some popular Facebook apps

Internet privacy has been compromised by 10 popular Facebook apps, according to The Wall Street Journal. The social network says it will take action against this infringement of Internet privacy.

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Internet privacy: Facebook apps have been found to violate user protection rules, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Nicholas Kamm/AFP

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that 10 popular Facebook applications have been violating Internet privacy by transmitting users' personal identifying information to dozens of advertising and Web tracking companies.

The newspaper said Monday that the breach also includes users who set all their information to be completely private. And in some cases, it says, the apps provided access to friends' names.

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A Facebook spokesman told the Journal on Sunday that the company would introduce new technology to contain the breach. It's not clear how long the breach went on.

The paper says Facebook also has taken immediate action to disable all applications that violated their terms.

Most apps are made by independent software companies, not by Facebook.