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Best Super Bowl ads for families

The Super Bowl is often more about the ads than the game itself. And while ads represent the commercial side of the game, some also convey special and funny moments we share as families in real life. Here is a list of the top family-friendly ads shown during the Super Bowl.

Cheerios "Gracie"
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1. Cheerios "Gracie"

Back by popular demand, Cheerios reprised the role of "Gracie," the precocious young girl, who was last seen dumping Cheerios on her dad's chest because of their "heart healthy" attributes. This time, Gracie sits with her dad at the breakfast table, as he places three Cheerios on the table to represent a family of three – mommy, daddy, and daughter. The dad adds one more Cheerio and tells her that “pretty soon, you’ll have a baby brother.” Gracie looks skeptical, adds another Cheerio, and then replies, “and a puppy.” He smiles, and after a long pause, says “deal” as mom looks on with surprise. 


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