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'Saturday Night Live': How well do you know the show?

Since its debut in 1975, 'Saturday Night Live' has pushed the boundaries of television, brought viewers to a weekend late-night program, and introduced the world to now-famous comedians too numerous to list. From the Killer Bees to Chevy Chase hosting 'Weekend Update,' from Will Ferrell playing a cheerleader to Tina Fey portraying Sarah Palin, the show has had an indelible effect on pop culture. How well do you know the TV program? Take our quiz!

'Saturday Night Live' stars John Belushi (l.), Chevy Chase (center), and Gilda Radner (r.).
NBC Universal/AP
Question 1 of 25

1. When serving as anchor for 'Weekend Update,' Chevy Chase's catchphrase became 'I'm Chevy Chase and...'

'Live from New York, it's Saturday night'

'This is the news'

'You're not'

'They're not'

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