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President Obama mistaken for LeBron James, says Leno. Nancy Pelosi as Wicked Witch?

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(Read caption) President Barack Obama shoots a basketball at the White House in Washington in April 2009.

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In what Jay Leno called the "dumbest story of the week" on Wednesday evening, the media has created a big deal around President Barack Obama's missing wedding ring.

On Friday, a headline from Gawker read "Call Michelle! Barack Obama Wasn't Wearing a Ring Today." And there was the Tweet from The Hill's Sam Youngman stated "Big to-do over potus not wearing his wedding ring today."

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Obama had appeared in a press conference on Sept. 10 sans wedding band. The intricate ring made in Indonesia had to be sent out for repair, a White House spokesman told Politico.

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"He is so ringless, people are mistaking him for LeBron James!" Leno joked, "That's how bad its gotten."

The former Cleveland Cavaliers star has yet to win an NBA championship ring.

But Obama as King James wasn't the only case of mistaken identity mentioned on The Tonight Show last night.

Leno weighed into election 2010 coverage, by noting that California businessman and Republican congressional candidate John Dennis released a somewhat controversial ad on Sunday depicting Nancy Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz."

"Well, Pelosi, very angry ... the Wicked Witch, even angrier!" Leno quipped.

How's Dennis doing? Hard to tell. The last poll in March had just 22 percent of likely voters saying they'd vote for him, versus 60 percent for Pelosi.

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But this ad got so much attention, you can expect to see Dennis cast Pelosi in several other roles.

Maybe as Colonel Jessep from "A Few Good Men," or as a James Bond villain. Dennis is pledging to do parodies of both films targeting his California rival, the Chicago Tribune reports.