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Rental cars which are recalled are being investigated for repairs

Rental cars which have been recalled by auto makers are under government investigation. The government wants to see how fast recalled rental cars are being repaired.

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A 2009 file photo shows a rental car location in Tampa, Florida.


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The government is reviewing how quickly rental car companies are moving to fix recalled vehicles included in rental fleets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it wants to know whether many rental car fleets get repaired as part of a recall. The review will cover nearly 3 million rental cars built by General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.

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The Federal Trade Commission is considering a petition to force Enterprise Holdings to fix vehicles under recall before renting them out.

Safety groups say most consumers don't know whether the vehicle they pick up at a rental lot has been the subject of a recall, posing a potential safety threat. Enterprise has said it declines to rent out recalled vehicles when automakers make that recommendation to them.