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1960s plus 50: How well do you know the tumultuous decade? Take the quiz!

From civil rights to the space program, and women's liberation to Woodstock, the 1960s brought revolutionary change to science, music, politics, and norms of behavior in the United States. How much do you know (or remember) of the tumultuous decade? 

Christa Hochneder/German Federal Archive/Wikimedia Commons
Question 1 of 25

1. “The Twist” was a song and dance craze made popular by the television program “American Bandstand,” hosted by Dick Clark. Though the first artist credited with the song was Hank Ballard, he was not available to perform on “American Bandstand.” Which artist took over the song and is now most commonly associated with it?

Chubby Checker

Little Richard

Elvis Presley

Jerry Lee Lewis

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