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A pack of 25 of Gibraltar's famous monkeys are being culled because they are frightening tourists, stealing and biting.

Anton Meres/Reuters

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Goons and Thugs? Beijing bureau chief Peter Ford says he has found his own Chinese office staff puzzled by Western reactions to Tibet-related issues and hurt by some of the commentary they have seen (see story).

"They are by no means nationalists, but they felt pretty insulted when they read the transcript of Jack Cafferty's CNN diatribe against Chinese 'goons and thugs,' " says Peter.

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Recent events have been the topic of extended conversations between Peter and his Chinese staff. "I took a long time to explain why people in the West take such an interest in Tibet, and why they have such a completely different view of the situation there from almost all Chinese. I hope my assistants understand that better now; I certainly understand better why the Chinese think the way they do about it."

David Clark Scott

World editor