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Chicago has no peers in hosting political conventions

This week's Democratic National Convention marks the first time either major political party has held its showcase event in Denver. And the same almost holds true for the Republican's convention, which settles into Minnesota's Twin Cities Sept. 1-4. The only other nominating convention ever held there was the GOP's in 1892, when Benjamin Harrison was the nominee for president. Chicago, with its central location, easily leads the nation in the frequency of party conventions hosted, with 25 (14 Republican and 11 Democratic). The cities that have been convention sites most often, according to the Congressional Quarterly, with the number of times they've handled the assignment:

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Chicago 25
Baltimore 10
Philadelphia 8
St. Louis 5
New York 5
San Francisco 4
Cincinnati 3
Kansas City 3
Miami Beach, Fla. 3
Two each: Los Angeles, Cleveland, Houston and Minneapolis-St. Paul