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Key players in Kenya's peace deal

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Mwai Kibaki – Kenya’s third president, 2002 to present. Two failed presi- dential runs, 1992 and 1997. Held positions of vice president, minister of finance, minster of home affairs, and min- ister of health in previous governments.


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Mwai KibakiKenya's third president, 2002 to present. Two failed presidential runs, 1992 and 1997. Held positions of vice president, minister of finance, minster of home affairs, and minister of health in previous governments.

Raila Odinga – Presidential candidate for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). In April, named prime minister in power-sharing deal after contested 2007 presidential election. Former cabinet minister, businessman, professor.

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William Ruto – Leader of Odinga's negotiation team. Minister of agriculture, from the Rift Valley. Elected to Parliament in 1997.

Martha Karua – Leader of President Kibaki's negotiation team. Minster of justice. Third woman elected to Parliament.

Kofi Annan – Chief mediator in Kenya talks. Former UN secretary-general, 1997– 2006. Native of Ghana.

Graça Machel – Mediator in Kenya talks. International advocate for women's and children's rights. Mozambique's first minister of education. Widow of first president of Mozambique. Remarried in 1998 to Nelson Mandela.

Benjamin MkapaTanzania's third president, 1995-2005. Electoral observer of Kenya's 2007 election. Rallies international support for Kenya talks.

James Orengo – A "conciliator" on Raila Odinga's negotiation team. Currently, Kenya's land minister. A renowned lawyer in Kenya. Elected member of parliament in 1995. Unsuccessful run for president in 2002.

Mutula Kilonzo – A "conciliator" on Mwai Kibaki's negotiation team Currently, minister of Nairobi metropolitan development. Lawyer.

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Lazaro Sumbeiywo – Kenyan Army general. Retired 2003 to become the chief mediator for a peace deal in the Sudan conflict.

Bethuel Kiplagat – Career diplomat. Kenya's ambassador to France and Britain. Key mediator in peace talks between Kenya and Somalia, and in Sudan. Executive director of Africa Peace Forum.

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete – President of Tanzania. Helped close the Kenya peace deal. Foreign minister from 1995-2000. Minister of energy, water, minerals, and finance from 1990-1995.

Sources: The Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation, Kenya State House, news reports

Compiled by Leigh Montgomery and Corinne Chronopoulos