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The G20's top points of contention

The Group of 20 faces a lot of heat each time it gathers. Streets swell with protesters and clashes with police often end in property damage and violence. But the contention doesn’t end at the doors to the meeting rooms. Within the G20, there are some significant divides on key trade issues.

Pedestrians cross the main street in front of the venue of G20 Summit on Nov. 10, in Seoul, South Korea. Twenty world leaders will come together in Seoul Nov. 11-12 to discuss the state of the global economy as it emerges from the financial crisis.
Wally Santana/AP
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1. Spend or save?

At recent G20 gatherings, world leaders have had heated discussions about whether additional spending or austerity plans are the answer to global economic problems. But as the Financial Times notes, two of the last voices on the G20 stage to encourage more spending, are likely to be quieter this time around. Britain and the US have become more frugal – particularly Britain, which passed sweeping spending cuts a few weeks ago in order to slash at its mounting deficit. The International Monetary Fund could be hurting for allies on spending this time around.


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