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The top words and phrases of 2010

The Global Language Monitor, a language analytics company based in Texas, tracks language trends around the world. One of its projects is an annual list of the year's most buzzed-about words, phrases, and people, which provides a good snapshot of what the world was thinking about in 2010. Click through below for the five most popular words and phrases of 2010.

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5. Jersey Shore and the tea party

The greased-up stars of MTV's Jersey Shore went from being anonymous beach bunnies to getting shoutouts from Sen. John McCain on Twitter – on Monday, McCain wished Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi, better known by her nickname Snooki, a happy birthday.

The most lasting impact of the TV show may be the introduction of the words "guido" and "guidette" – often used to describe Snooki and her partying cohorts – into mainstream English and the No. 5 spot on the top words list.

Meanwhile, the tea party political movement bumped the phrase "tea party," previously associated with a colonial act of rebellion against the British, out of American history books, into the news cycle of the 2010 midterm elections – and onto the No. 5 spot on the top phrases list.


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