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Rachel Corrie, an Israeli bulldozer, and our shared global fate

Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer while defending a Palestinian home in Gaza in 2003. Today, for all the fierce division the Corrie family's recent civil suit against Israel rekindles, her story speaks more than ever to our interconnections.

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Last month, several state witnesses took the stand in a Haifa District Court to testify in the civil law suit filed by Rachel Corrie’s family against the state of Israel. Many may still recall the disturbing photographs that wallpapered the world’s media outlets of Ms. Corrie, a 23-year-old activist from Walla, Walla, Washington, being crushed under a military bulldozer while trying to defend a Palestinian home in Rafah, Gaza under threat of demolition.

You may not immediately relate to Corrie’s story, but you should. We live in a world where we are all implicated in war, where we are all vulnerable to the violence that emerges out of poverty, segregation, and oppression. We are all Rachel Corrie standing in front of a bulldozer, and yet we are also all the Israeli soldier who was driving it, just trying to do his job.

The forces of globalization have woven us together in a violent, inescapable tapestry from which there is no escape. But this shouldn’t paralyze us. Rather it should awaken us to the fact that, in this painful, tense connection, we have the opportunity to heal, to progress, and at least dialogue together.

'No civilians in a war zone'


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