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How to honor Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left a model of collaborative innovation that others can follow in creating wholly new products and services that will boost the economy.

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Many who love Apple products will probably always remember the moment they learned of Steve Jobs’s passing. But here’s another way to recall that day: He died just as a Nobel Prize was being awarded to scientists who discovered that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

Mr. Jobs’s legacy is that he accelerated the quality of life on earth. And it is not only because of his material inventions, such as the iPod or Mac computers, or his innovations in services, such as iTunes or smart phone apps.

He was mostly a model in openness to ideas that no one had ever dreamed of. Undiscovered ideas were limitless to him, only to be plucked by expanding one’s vision and then working with others to make them real.

He didn’t merely solve problems, build a better mousetrap, or invent what his marketing folks told him people wanted. He learned to stretch his thinking, and by doing so stretched ours.

Jobs was America’s best example of a jobs engine. His company defied the recent recession by dint of vision, innovation, collaboration, and oh-so-cool design.


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