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Is Apple building a 5.7-inch iPhone phablet?

Apple is reportedly weighing the release of a large, 5.7-inch iPhone, which would put the device squarely in phablet territory. 


Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses the crowd during the Apple WWDC event in San Francisco on June 10, 2013. Among the next products released by Apple may be a big-screen phablet.


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The iPhone 5 shipped with a four-inch display – half an inch larger than the screen on the iPhone 4. And now, according to Reuters, Apple is "exploring" the possibility of building an iPhone with a 5.7-inch display, which would put the device squarely in phablet territory. 

That 5.7-inch device would reportedly join a wider array of iPhones, including more traditionally-sized models, and models available in five or six different colors. (The iPhone is now currently available only in black and white.)


Reuters reports that Apple's pivot toward the phablet "comes as the long-time consumer and investor darling faces pressure to deliver more than one new handset model a year. Critics say its pace of innovation has slowed since the death of legendary co-founder Steve Jobs." Apple, for its part, isn't commenting. 


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