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Leaked version of Windows 8 reportedly hits Web

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(Read caption) The Windows 8 OS is shown on a Microsoft Surface tablet. Both Windows 8 and Surface have not had the success Microsoft hoped for, but a new OS release in April could change all that.

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Earlier this week, Microsoft officially sent the (mostly) final Windows 8 code to hardware manufacturers, bringing the much-ballyhooed OS one step closer to the Oct. 26 launch. But according to one tech site, complete Windows 8 software may have already leaked onto the Web. Winbeta is reporting that a version of Windows 8 Enterprise has hit torrent sites – although Winbeta said more testing was required to determine whether the file was real or a fake. 

Meanwhile, The Verge has also published information on a leaked copy of Windows 8 Enterprise, an OS intended for business users. Although IT professionals "won't officially receive access to the final Windows 8 bits until August 15th," writes Tom Warren of the Verge, "an Enterprise version of Windows 8 is available widely across various file sharing sites." Microsoft did not return Warren's request for comment. 


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