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Coconut rice pudding with caramelized banana

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Beyond The Peel

(Read caption) Made from pantry staples, this recipe is easy to make, and hits the sweet spot.

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I fell in love with this easy to make and “hits the sweet spot just perfectly” coconut rice pudding about 5 years ago. It’s almost a fool proof recipe, made from pantry staples. Before this website ever existed and before my whole food journey began, there was this rice pudding. The only change I’ve made to it since is the type of sweetener I use. I like that I can make endless versions of this based on my mood and what I have on hand.

If you’re new to whole foods, trying to limit the amount of pastries, cakes or chocolates you eat may be challenging. And eliminating all treats may have you doing a bakery drive by like some crazy person. If you’re just starting to reduce the amount of processed foods or sugar in your diet, this type of craving can hit hard. And you know what else? It happens to most decent people. It really does. At least in the beginning.


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