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President Obama on 'Mythbusters': Will his death ray work?

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Courtesy of Discovery Channel

(Read caption) President Obama records an episode of 'Mythbusters' with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage July 27 in the White House library.

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Tonight’s the big night – President Obama is appearing on Mythbusters! That’s the long-running Discovery Channel show which tests common myths and legends, such as, if you’re the Green Hornet, and you and your car the Black Beauty are buried alive in a giant grave, can you escape by igniting the car’s rockets and blowing yourself out of the dirt-packed hole?

(No, we didn’t study that legend in school either. It’s a scene from an upcoming movie, but the Mythbusters gang is going to test its plausibility anyway – they’re always looking for excuses to set off big explosions.)

Sadly, Obama himself will not get a chance to blow anything up. He’s already acknowledged that. He will get a chance to order hundreds of people to try and burn things with giant imitation death rays, however. That sounds like a lot more fun than talking to Nancy Pelosi about why she hates the Bush tax cut compromise.

The set-up is this: on the show, Obama invites Mythbusters-in-chief Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage into the White House library to give them a “viewer challenge.” (Mr. Hyneman is the one who looks like a member of Delta Force – Walrus Division. Mr. Savage resembles a middle school science teacher gone rogue.)


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