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Tom Friedman: 'Sputnik moment' intentionally exaggerated

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Are American leaders purposely overplaying the Chinese competitive threat with references to Sputnik?

President Obama said in his State of the Union address that the country faces a “Sputnik moment,” one that calls for a major research investment in next generation technologies. Sputnik evokes a superpower rivalry, one in which America is purportedly in danger of losing due to falling education standards and research focus.

But as STRATFOR analyst Peter Zeihan points out in this video, Sputnik was actually a major overreaction.

“Let's be honest. Sputnik was a beeping aluminum grapefruit. Yes, the Soviets were able to get an artificial satellite in orbit before the Americans. But at the time, the Americans were ahead in metallurgy, were ahead chemistry, were at electronics; the Russians were simply able to launch something into orbit sooner. As a result, the Americans panicked.”

The overreaction was beneficial to the country in the long-term, but it was built on a hyped threat.


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