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Netanyahu faces 'difficult choices' going into AIPAC speech

Going into his AIPAC speech today, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces stern US warnings, Palestinian exasperation, and a fractious coalition government and rising violence back home.

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Monday's speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to AIPAC – Washington's largest pro-Israel lobby – comes as the US-Israel relationship has been on unusually rocky ground. Palestinian groups have seemed on the verge of a third intifada or uprising against Israel, and the world is waiting to see whether the leaders will go forward with renewed talks.

With all of this hanging in the balance, Mr. Netanyahu faces a meeting on Tuesday with President Obama.

Back home, Netanyahu faces a fractious, right-leaning cabinet, many of whose members don't share his vows to bring about a two-state solution, the threat of more clashes in the West Bank and the possibility of renewed rocket fire from Gaza.

That makes his audience today far greater than just those gathered at AIPAC's yearly conference, with many around the world closely watching how he will balance the competing demands of interested parties.

"He's meant to please everybody, isn't he?" quips Peter Medding, an expert on the US-Israel relationship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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