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Usain Bolt: ultimate showman delivers unforgettable Olympic moment, again

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Posing 'To Di World'

And that is why, when he first entered the cafeteria in the Olympic Village here in London, he got a standing ovation. That is why, when Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, two-time Olympic 100 meter champion, goes to the grocery store at home in Jamaica, people ask her if she knows Usain Bolt. That is why towheaded British schoolgirls in the Olympic Stadium strike Bolt's "To Di World" pose when the camera finds them, arm drawn back like an archer.

How many other athletes even have their own pose – much less one known from Westminster to Ouagadougou?

Bolt confesses in the post-race press conference that he is upset that, as each runner was being introduced before the race, Blake did a much better routine for the camera. I was like, "How am I going to top that?"

This was what was going through his head one minute before the 100 meters at the London Olympics.

But wait until you hear what was going through his head during the race.

A glance at the clock

With 25 meters left, he said, he looked over at the clock and thought about his world record, "but by then it was too late." 

Let us note here that: 1) He looked over at the clock during a 9.63 second race, and 2) he is implying that, if he had thought to look over earlier, he might have set a world record. Perhaps it is just bluster, but Ted Williams once talked of being able to choose whether he wanted to hit the top or the bottom half of the baseball. Usain Bolt, apparently, thinks he can decide mid-race while running at 27 miles per hour whether he will set a world record or not.

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