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'12 days of Christmas' cost: How much is a partridge in a pear tree?

'12 days of Christmas' cost will be a little higher this year. The prices of partridges, pear trees, gold rings, and swans a-swimming all increased from 2011. Below are the estimated costs of all the items from the '12 days of Christmas' carol. 

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A fully decorated Christmas tree is lit on the traffic island in front of the post office along State Line Ave. last week in Texarkana, Texas. How much do the items in the 12 Days of Christmas cost? PNC Wealth Management has a breakdown.

Doug Strickland/The Texarkana Gazette/AP/File

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Prices of items in the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas," according to PNC Wealth Management:

— Partridge, $15; last year: same

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— Pear tree, $189.99; last year: 169.99

— Two turtle doves, $125; last year: same

— Three French hens, $165; last year: $150

— Four calling birds (canaries), $519.96; last year: same

— Five gold rings, $750; last year: $645

— Six geese a-laying, $210; last year: $162

— Seven swans a-swimming, $7,000; last year: $6,300

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— Eight maids a-milking, $58; last year: same

— Nine ladies dancing (per performance), $6,294; last year: same

— 10 lords a-leaping (per performance), $4,767; last year: same

— 11 pipers piping (per performance), $2,562; last year: $2,428

— 12 drummers drumming (per performance), $2,776; last year: $2,630