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10 most intriguing tablets of 2012

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A worker walks near two Galaxy Notes made by Samsung Electronics, at its showroom in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, Jan. 27, 2012. The Galaxy Note will be on the US market on Feb. 19.
Lee Jin-man/AP
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6. Samsung Galaxy Note

From a distance, the Galaxy Note may look like a smart phone. But it’s actually a tablet in disguise.

The Note sports a 5.3-inch body, making it almost two diagonal-inches bigger than an iPhone. Add atop that a speedy 4G data connection – something no Apple product has – a gorgeous screen, and its S Pen, which is a stylus that comes included with the tablet. Such a pen could be useful for note-taking, drafting, or doodling. Imagine a modern-day Palm Pilot.

The Galaxy Note stands as one of the most compact Android tablets (or maybe one of the most spacious phones) on the horizon.

Screen size: 5.3”

Price: $299, with a two-year AT&T contract

Network: 4G and Wi-Fi

Available: February 19

The hook: It can fit in the palm (no pun intended) of your hand.

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