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New iPhone app for Arizona immigration law!

Arizona's new immigration law spurred me to create an iPhone app that helps you detect illegal immigrants.

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Arizona has just passed a new immigration law requiring police officers to stop anyone who looks like they might be in the promised land of Arizona illegally. Sure the law has sparked some controversy. But because this is America, it can also spur innovation and commerce.

Take me, for example. I'm already hard at work on a new iPhone app that will help Arizona cops and the good citizens of Arizona ­perform their new duties and root out illegals. And because it¹s an app, it's useful and fun.

You're going to love using Illegal Eagle, the iPhone app that helps you determine who's an illegal.

Step 1: Take a photo of the suspect. Then watch as the app sifts through multiple data points based on solid anecdotal evidence from thousands of interviews with police officers who have busted illegals in the past. For example, does the suspect have greasy hair? That could be a tell. It's aknown fact that illegals don't have regular access to shower facilities.

Stained fingertips? Could be from picking berries. Another sign. And there are so many more loaded into this powerful app.

Step 2: Now the app will ask you three questions to which you answer yes or no.

Question 1: Does the suspect look nervous? People tend to look nervous when you're pointing a camera at them, but this is especially true of illegals.

Question 2: Does the suspect look like he or she could sing The Star Spangled Banner if asked?

Question 3: This one is geo-targeted. The app checks your global position and then customizes the question. For example, if you're in Arizona, it asks you if the suspect looks as if he or she is of Mexican descent. And it prompts you with pictures of typical people from Latin American countries such as Columbia, Mexico – even Chile.


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