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Growing up: What a 10-year-old wants to drive when he grows up

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(Read caption) Growing up too soon, the author's 10-year-old son is already looking online for cars and asking about culinary school. Next he will be looking for apartments. Other kids use cardboard boxes to create a grown-up world with cars and houses, including these Build A Dream Playhouses.

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Earlier this week, Grande asked for a Facebook account. No way. (Personally? I think the “recommended age” of 13 is even too young!) He’s also been asking me about culinary schools (he wants to be a baker, like the Cake Boss) and has been car shopping online. He’s 10.

Grande: Mom. There’s this car and it’s only *$20,000. Since it’s not that expensive, I’ll get that one when I can drive.

Me: Ha! Start saving now, Bud. Also, give it six to seven years. It’ll come down in price.

Grande: Oh, like it’ll go on sale?

Me: More like it will be used and it won’t be new, so it will cost less.

Grande: Oh, I do NOT want a used car!


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