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Media literacy for preschoolers: Parenting a savvy viewer

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(Read caption) Fostering media literacy in your preschooler means helping her conceptualize how media is generated. Here, a Fisher-Price SparkArt Easel helps a child to create and interact with media.

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Media literacy is a concept that’s often taught in schools – though not often enough, in my opinion. Being media literate means having the ability to think critically about media content, as well as an understanding of how the media work. It also encompasses knowing how to create media texts yourself.

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So, students in middle school who are learning about media literacy might be asked to think about who produced a certain media text (advertisement, movie, television show, etc.) and why. They might be asked to contemplate about whether they agree with the content – with the messages and values it conveys. For example, is an ad or program portraying certain people in stereotypical ways? If so, what problems do they see with that practice? In some programs, they might even be handed a digital video recorder and taught how to edit their footage together on a laptop, to create their own advertisement about something they care about.


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