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19 arrested at Chicago mall – where were moms when teen melee shut the mall?

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(Read caption) Some 200 teens rioted at the Ford City Mall in Chicago after a fight between two boys escalated.
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A boy band performs, a music-driven teen powder keg explodes into violence and mayhem, the date is March 17, 1968, the place London's Grosvenor Square and the band is The Rolling Stones protesting the Vietnam war. That was not what happened in a Chicago mall Feb. 23 when the sweet, but unfortunately named boy band “Mindless Behavior” brought together a lot of teens who ended up in a demonstration of primal mob mentality that could have been prevented by “Mom’s Taxi” waiting out in the parking lot.

When the band is named “Mindless Behavior” it seems like a no-brainer to blame the band for the melee, but my biology professor pal,   Arthur Bowman, from Norfolk (Virg.) State University, explained the Chicago incident as not something caused by thoughts implanted by lyrics, but rather an animal instinct spreading through a crowd of teens, triggered by a fight that had taken place between two boys.

“That’s the nose-brain at work right there.” What he meant was that the teens were giving in to their baser instincts and being ruled by the part of the brain so ancient it uses scent as a trigger for behavior.

I suppose that could be the basis for a new riff on a Nirvana song we could dub, “Smells like teen riot.”

According to the Associated Press, about 200 teens rioted at the Ford City Mall in Chicago after a fight between two boys escalated into a swarm that spilled into the parking lot, wreaking havoc and destruction on anything in its path. Nineteen youths, ages 13 to 18, were arrested, charged with misdemeanor mob action. A 16-year-old is charged with battery of a mall security guard who was trying to evacuate the mall, AP stated.


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