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Disney misses the point in response to Merida petition

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Screenshot via Disney

(Read caption) The original Merida, left, was taken up (or down) a notch for her figurine debut, eliciting groans and anger from people tired of Disney's quest to "princessify" everything they touch.

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Recently, Disney released a new, 2D image of Merida. This prompted outrage because the character's design was altered, for no good reason. The new Merida has been "prettified"--made more conventionally attractive in a way that undercuts the character's strengths, to the detriment of the children who view her as a role model.

In response, A Mighty Girl released a petition to Disney that outlines the reasons why the redesign is problematic. The petition culminates with a request: to pull the new 2D Merida and restore the character to her original form.

Yesterday, Disney executives went on record regarding the petition. They're refusing to retract the new Merida--and their comments show they've missed the point.

The L.A. Times reports on the refusal to retract the new Merida:

"Disney has no intention of abandoning its sexier version of the Scottish archer featured in the movie, "Brave."


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