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Mayor's last-ditch effort to save Detroit would privatize 88,000 streetlights

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing asked for deep cuts and concessions from unions and city officials to stave off a state takeover. Privatizing streetlights and buses is one part of his plan. 


Detroit Mayor Dave Bing speaks during a news conference Wednesday in Detroit. He urged municipal unions to accept wage cuts and Michigan leaders to pay the city millions stemming from a decade-old tax agreement, saying Detroit needs the money to avoid an emergency financial takeover.

Daniel Mears/Detroit News/AP

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Since assuming office as mayor of Detroit two years ago, Dave Bing has challenged the city council and union leadership, saying the city is broke and needs sacrifice on all levels of the private and public sectors to prevent insolvency.

Mayor Bing is now bringing the message to the people. He appeared on local television Wednesday to announce several ways the city can plug the $45 million cash shortfall anticipated next year. If left unresolved, the financial crisis could result in a state-ordered emergency takeover.

Among Bing’s proposals:

“Detroit has had, for a long time, some pretty severe economic difficulties and Mayor Bing recognizes that those have to be fixed somehow. The politics of it, of course, are the real trick,” says Charles Ballard, an economist at Michigan State University in East Lansing.


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