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Wedding bells quiet Irish antipathy toward British royals – for now

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"It's not political. People want to see what Kate Middleton is wearing," she says.

The move was initially controversial. Local councilor Michael Sheahan, a member of the governing Fine Gael party, objected on the basis of offending people’s “sensibilities” and also raising logistical issues, but has since backed down.

Less officially but no less interested, online bridal magazine OneFabDay.com is holding a wedding party in Dublin’s exclusive Fitzwilliam hotel. Organizer Naoise McNally expects 60 guests to turn up to cheer the regal couple on.

“It’s not at all political for us,” she says. “We’re doing it purely as a fun morning for brides to be. After all, it’s ultimately a really romantic occasion of a young couple in love.”

Where's the republican antipathy?

What appears to be entirely missing on the streets of Ireland, at least as far as the wedding goes, is traditional republican antipathy to all things related to the British crown. Instead, those who are uninterested in the wedding tend to be just that: not interested.

Some see it as little more than a celebrity spectacle: “I suppose gossip fans will look upon the royal wedding as Hello magazine-Live,” says Conor Lambert, a renowned Dublin puppeteer.

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