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In need of a hit, BlackBerry touts BB10, Z10 in strange new Super Bowl ad


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BlackBerry seems to be going for quirky and memorable here – the idea being that consumers will be unlikely to forget the ad about the man with the elephant appendages. But many Twitter and Facebook users seemed confused by the spot. And probably for good reason: As Eric Zeman of InformationWeek points out, "the ad didn't show a close-up of the phone, the user interface nor anything the device can do." Nor, Zeman continues, did BlackBerry "provide one compelling reason why consumers should care about its brand new smartphone."

It's worth noting that an early Twitter favorite for best tech ad didn't show off a whole lot of features, either. But the Samsung ad sure was a lot of fun. Over two minutes, the actors Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd learn they have been hired to help Samsung create a "next big thing" campaign for their Galaxy devices; near the end (spoiler alert), they discover they have been effectively replaced by LeBron James, the basketball star. 

"The spot gives Samsung a little extra bit of cool," notes Ken Wheaton of Ad Age, "and manages to repeat the tagline 'The Next Big Thing' seven times."

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